Who Are We

Nashama Online (formerly known as Ottozilla.com) is a group of web developers in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates,  we aim to deliver high quality websites and mobile application with cutting edge and up to date technologies! 

Every project you assign to us is a project we handle with care as if it’s our own. We don’t settle for less than GRADE A results. It is no longer enough to have good looking web designs, what matters most now is page speed, loading time, ease of use and quick access to information. While a website could look amazing, but it won’t rank well on google search pages due to poor web development or web design. 

We focus more on building responsive websites that work great on mobile phone screens, this is now very essential for Google Ranking! When we design a website, we think like users and owners at the same time and we connect them both together online. This is achieved by long hours of brain storming and effective planning before we start coding. 

About Nashama Online

Our Motto

“Connect With The World”

Being quality Web Developers in Dubai, our aim is to connect your business with potential clients across the globe. We do the hard work for you and bring clients to your doorstep. You handle your clients the way you see fit and hopefully close more sales than you already planned. At Nashama Online, we handle digital marketing on your behalf. We can boost your message or product via social media marketing and target clients who are genuinely interested. We also build flawless websites that is SEO optimized from day one. The combination of these two factors make your online presence amazing and your company products will reach beyond the borders. Do not hire multiple companies to  do individual jobs for you, it is all connected and must be handled by a single good company. Imagine you create a car from scratch and use parts from 20 different manufacturers to make it run smoothly, it won’t! 

Nashama Online Motto